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Adviser Type:

- Large advisory firm
- An investment adviser (or subadviser) to an investment company

Number of Employees:

197 -7.51%

of those in investment advisory functions:

64 8.47%


SEC, Approved, 1/23/2004


84,769,177,469 -26.50%

of that, discretionary:

84,769,177,469 -26.50%

Avg Account Size:

425,975,766 -55.31%



Private Funds:

5 2

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Contact info

Phone: 973 xxxxxxx

Fax: 973 xxxxxxx

Client Types:

- Investment companies
- Pooled investment vehicles
- Pension and profit sharing plans
- Charitable organizations
- State or municipal government entities
- Insurance companies
- Other

Advisory Activities:

- Portfolio management for investment companies
- Portfolio management for pooled investment vehicles
- Portfolio management for businesses

Compensation Arrangments:

- A percentage of assets under your management
- Fixed fees (other than subscription fees)
- Performance-based fees

Reported AUM

139B 119B 99B 79B 59B 40B 20B
2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023

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Private Funds Structure

Fund Type Count GAV
Hedge Fund 1 $
Other Private Fund 4 $184,577,734

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Brochure Summary


Our Firm Headquartered in Newark, New Jersey, PGIM Quantitative Solutions is an SEC-registered investment adviser organized as a New Jersey limited liability company. In addition to being a registered investment adviser, PGIM Quantitative Solutions is a member of the National Futures Association (“NFA”) and is registered as a commodity trading advisor with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (“CFTC”). PGIM Quantitative Solutions and PGIM DC Solutions LLC (“PGIM DCS”) are indirect, wholly-owned subsidiaries of Prudential Financial, Inc. (“Prudential Financial”), a publicly held company (NYSE Ticker "PRU").1 PGIM Quantitative Solutions’ investment team began managing U.S. equity accounts for institutional clients in January 1975. For many years, the team operated as a unit within PGIM, Inc., which is part of the PGIM division of Prudential Financial. PGIM is Prudential Financial’s global investment management business. Subsequently, PGIM Quantitative Solutions became a wholly-owned subsidiary of PGIM, Inc. and an investment adviser registered with the SEC. The team has conducted its investment management activities as PGIM Quantitative Solutions since July 2004. As described below, PGIM Quantitative Solutions is the quantitative equity and global multi-asset solutions manager of PGIM. PGIM Quantitative Solutions’ investment management and research, trading, operations, client service and distribution activities are conducted at our headquarters in Newark, NJ. PGIM Quantitative Solutions also maintains an office in San Francisco that is used periodically by PGIM Quantitative Solutions personnel for administrative purposes (no investment advisory activities are conducted from this location). PGIM DCS is a Delaware limited liability company that was formed on September 28, 2021, and became an SEC-registered investment adviser as of May 31, 2022. Our relationship with PGIM DCS and other affiliated investment advisers is described further in Item 10. This brochure describes PGIM Quantitative Solutions’ business, and hereinafter when we use the terms “we,” “us” and “our,” we are referring to PGIM Quantitative Solutions and our U.S. operations unless we specify otherwise. Our Advisory Business in General
• Our Advisory Services We offer a variety of actively and passively managed equity strategies measured against U.S., non-U.S., global and custom benchmarks. Some strategies take both long and short positions in individual securities depending upon the specific investment objective and client guidelines. As described below under “Customization of our Advisory Services,” we do not believe that “one size fits all,” and strive to meet the specific needs of each institutional and subadvised client. In addition to strategies that emphasize individual security selection, we also offer multi-asset class strategies. These strategies allocate assets among multiple asset classes and management styles in accordance with our evaluations of their corresponding investment potential and client 1 Prudential Financial, Inc. of the United States is not affiliated in any manner with Prudential plc, a company incorporated in the United Kingdom or with Prudential Assurance Company, a subsidiary of M&G plc, incorporated in the United Kingdom. guidelines. Depending upon investment objectives, these asset classes typically include publicly traded equity and fixed-income securities, and could also include real estate, commodities, currencies and other non-traditional asset classes. Affiliated investment advisers or third parties, as well as PGIM Quantitative Solutions, manage assets held in the underlying portfolios that invest in these asset classes. (See Item 10 for additional information regarding our relationships with affiliated entities.)
• Our Quantitative Processes We specialize in the utilization of quantitative methods to guide investment decisions, and employ both proprietary and non-proprietary analytical tools and models to help direct our investment choices. Our proprietary quantitative models are our intellectual property. Specific models vary with the corresponding investment strategy. For example, models range from straightforward algorithms intended to help our index strategies replicate benchmark indices to more complex models that help identify attractive individual securities and combine them into portfolios underlying actively managed equity strategies. Models and quantitative tools implemented in our multi-asset class strategies help assess the attractiveness of global asset classes. Although many of our investment decisions derive primarily from the output of our models, our portfolio managers apply oversight and judgment to that output. We believe that research is the cornerstone of a successful investment organization and we are continually seeking ways to enhance
our investment strategies and processes. As a result of our ongoing in-house research, our models may change from time to time. We consider these research-based enhancements and changes to be a normal part of our investment activities. Customization of our Advisory Services Our investment management agreements and sub-advisory agreements with clients typically include investment guidelines that are negotiated to incorporate mutually acceptable terms. Under these agreements, clients can impose limitations on our investment positions. The investment guidelines could, for example, restrict the types of securities or instruments (such as derivatives or interests in commingled funds) in which we invest for the client. They could prohibit us from investing in particular issuers or industries. They could limit the percentage of portfolio assets that we are allowed to invest in single issuers, types of securities or industries. They could limit the amount of cash that we can hold in the portfolio. A client could also require us to comply with the client’s investment policies and procedures applicable to its external investment managers. On occasion, in our discretion, we tailor certain features of our models and risk parameters at the request of a client with the objective of achieving a client-specific investment goal. Such changes would apply to that client only. Other Advisory Services We provide other advisory services to an unaffiliated managed account program sponsor on a non- discretionary basis. Our services to the managed account program sponsor consist of the furnishing of model securities portfolios in various strategies. The program sponsor may or may not choose to employ the models and recommendations we provide, in its discretion. We do not effect or arrange for the purchase or sale of any securities in connection with these services. Again, the program sponsor charges a single program fee to its clients for all services provided under the program and pays PGIM Quantitative Solutions a portion of that fee. We seek to manage these non-discretionary model portfolios and our discretionary institutional accounts in a similar manner within the same strategy. We also offer non-discretionary multi-asset class model strategies on affiliated and unaffiliated platforms. In these arrangements, the platform sponsors would typically make our model portfolios available to investors, generally through intermediaries such as financial planners. We do not have discretion over the implementation of these models in individual investor portfolios. On occasion, clients have requested that they approve our investment recommendations. In such circumstances, we consider those mandates non-discretionary. From time to time, clients may engage us to manage single client accounts for which we provide model portfolios. We do not have discretion over these model portfolios. We would also consider these mandates as non-discretionary. Significant Shareholder Reporting From time to time, we are required by applicable laws, rules and regulations to file reports with regulators that contain information about our clients’ holdings of an issuer when the holdings are large enough to require reporting. Those reports are often publicly available and in certain circumstances require disclosure of the client’s identity and holdings. In addition, our clients can hold a position in the securities of a portfolio company that is large enough to require reporting by the client to the regulators under applicable laws, rules and regulations. We do not monitor or advise on reporting requirements for clients because, among other reasons, we do not have an ability to properly monitor the aggregate of clients and such monitoring is generally handled by a client’s other service providers. Our Assets Under Management As of December 31, 2022, our:
• Discretionary assets under management (rounded to the nearest million) were: $84,769,177,469*
• Non-discretionary assets under advisement (rounded to the nearest million) were: $1,797,065,217** * Note: For purposes of determining discretionary assets under management, that PGIM Quantitative Solutions includes all assets managed by the asset allocation team for which it provides oversight, analysis and investment direction regarding the transfer of assets among investment choices in each client’s portfolio. Our total discretionary assets under management is adjusted to avoid double counting any assets managed directly by us in certain commingled funds or accounts to which we allocate under our multi-asset class strategies (see Item 10 for additional disclosure). ** Note: This number includes the assets managed by others using our non-discretionary model portfolios. We do not include the assets that are managed by others based on non-discretionary model portfolios provided by us in the calculation of our regulatory assets under management in Part 1A, Item 5.F of the Form ADV.