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Adviser Type:

- Large advisory firm
- An investment adviser (or subadviser) to an investment company

Number of Employees:

372 1.64%

of those in investment advisory functions:

33 3.12%


SEC, Approved, 10/19/2012


122,211,169,145 -21.45%

of that, discretionary:

120,696,089,689 -21.55%

Avg Account Size:

1,566,809,861 -25.48%



Private Funds:


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Contact info

Phone: 610 xxxxxxx

Fax: 855 xxxxxxx

Client Types:

- Investment companies
- Pooled investment vehicles
- State or municipal government entities

Advisory Activities:

- Portfolio management for investment companies
- Portfolio management for pooled investment vehicles
- Selection of other advisers

Compensation Arrangments:

- A percentage of assets under your management

Reported AUM

154B 132B 110B 88B 66B 44B 22B
2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023

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Private Funds Structure

Fund Type Count GAV
Other Private Fund 2 $32,589,099

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Private Funds


Top Holdings

Stock Ticker Stock Name $ Position % Position $ Change # Change
41653L305 HARTFORD FDS EXCHANGE TRADED $479,299,993 47.00% 6.00% 0.00%
41653L701 HARTFORD FDS EXCHANGE TRADED $203,249,091 20.00% 8.00% 2.00%
518416409 LATTICE STRATEGIES TR $113,908,630 11.00% 4.00% -5.00%
518416102 LATTICE STRATEGIES TR $91,584,006 9.00% 7.00% 0.00%
41653L883 HARTFORD FDS EXCHANGE TRADED $66,958,678 7.00% 16.00% 0.00%
40412C101 HCA HEALTHCARE INC $503,948 0.00% 55.00% 41.00%
44107P104 HOST HOTELS & RESORTS INC $431,092 0.00% 69.00% 39.00%
464287200 ISHARES TR $240,933 0.00%
G51502105 JOHNSON CTLS INTL PLC $1,147,609 0.00% 38.00% 27.00%
46625H100 JPMORGAN CHASE & CO $2,238,006 0.00% 48.00% 26.00%

Brochure Summary


HFMC is registered with the SEC as an investment adviser and with the CFTC as a commodity pool operator. HFMC is an indirect subsidiary of The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. (“The Hartford”), a publicly traded financial services company based in Connecticut. HFMC provides discretionary investment advisory services to SEC- registered open-end investment companies, including mutual funds and exchange traded funds (collectively, “Hartford Funds” and each series of which is a “Hartford Fund”) 1 and two Cayman Islands private funds for which HFMC serves as general partner.2 HFMC is also the program manager (the “Program Manager”) to The Hartford Smart529 College Savings Plan, the SMART529 Select College Savings Plan and SMART529 WV Direct College Savings Plan (together, the “529 Plans”). As Program Manager, HFMC and/or its affiliates provides provide certain services to the 529 Plans. In addition, HFMC provides non-discretionary investment advisory services to the 529 Plans. The 529 Plans offer portfolios that are investment options for the 529 Plans (each a “529 Portfolio”); the 529 Portfolios invest in one or more mutual funds, including certain Hartford Funds. In addition, certain 529 Portfolios also invest in Hartford exchange traded funds and one unaffiliated separate account pooled investment vehicle. HFMC is the parent of Lattice Strategies LLC (“Lattice”), a registered SEC investment adviser. Lattice is the investment adviser to multi-factor exchange traded funds. Employees perform services on behalf of both HFMC and Lattice. HFMC generally provides investment advisory services to its mutual funds and exchange traded funds through use of a manager of managers or sub-advisory structure. HFMC is responsible for the management of the Hartford Funds and supervises the activities of the investment sub-advisers as well as provides administrative services including, among other services, compliance, legal, governance and other activities required by Hartford Funds. In addition, HFMC makes day to day investment allocation The Hartford Mutual Funds, Inc., The Hartford Mutual Funds II, Inc., Hartford Series Fund, Inc., and HLS Series Fund II, Inc. are combined to form Hartford M u t u a l Funds. Hartford Funds Exchange-Traded Trust are combined to form “Hartford Exchange Traded Funds” or “Hartford ETFs”. Collectively, Hartford Mutual Funds and Hartford ETFs are referred to as “Hartford Funds”. 2 The Cayman Funds are wholly-owned subsidiaries of the Hartford Real Asset fund, a Hartford Fund, and the Hartford Schroders Commodity Strategy ETF, a Hartford Exchange Traded Fund. The Cayman Funds are not offered to the public. The sole purpose is to enable the Hartford Real Asset Fund and Hartford Schroders Commodity ETF to gain exposure to commodity-linked instruments. decisions for the Hartford Growth Allocation Fund, Hartford Conservative Allocation Fund, Hartford Moderate Allocation Fund and Hartford Checks and Balances Fund (collectively, “Hartford Funds of Funds”) which invest in shares of other Hartford Funds. Investment advisory and administrative services are tailored to each Hartford Fund based on the investment objectives and strategies disclosed in its prospectus or, to each 529 Plan, in accordance with the requirements of a 529 Plan’s offering statement. HFMC also offers non-discretionary security recommendations in the form of model portfolios through its participation in separately managed account programs or unified managed accounts (“Programs”) that are sponsored by non-affiliated investment advisers (“Program Sponsors”). HMFC does not sponsor a wrap fee program and does
not actively manage accounts in wrap fee programs sponsored by others. The Program Sponsors provide brokerage execution, custody and account administrative services for a single fee. HFMC’s model portfolios provided to these Program Sponsors are referred to as “Model Portfolio Strategies”. For these Model Portfolio Strategies, HFMC may rely solely upon security recommendations from non- affiliated registered investment advisers (“Non-Affiliated Model Providers”). Non-Affiliated Model Providers also serve as sub-advisers to registered investment companies sponsored by HFMC for which HFMC serves as investment manager. In connection with HFMC’s Model Portfolio Strategy offerings, HFMC provides to a Program Sponsor a model securities portfolio for a particular investment strategy. Based on the model portfolio, the Program Sponsor exercises investment discretion and executes transactions on behalf of the Program Sponsor’s clients based on the Program Sponsor’s discretionary authority. HFMC provides investment management services in connection with its Model Portfolio Strategies that differ from the investment advisory services it furnishes to the Funds and the 529 Plan. For example, the Funds employ investment strategies and techniques and invest in securities that may not be used in connection with the Model Portfolio Strategies. In particular, the Model Portfolio Strategies generally:  Limit eligible investments to publicly traded securities and do not invest in private placements, other illiquid securities, restricted securities or other securities that are not freely or frequently traded;  Do not use derivatives or other complex investments for hedging or other portfolio management purposes;  Do not participate in initial public offerings or secondary offerings;  Have lower trade frequency as compared to the Funds, which typically have daily subscription and redemption activity; and  Have fewer security holdings, than the Funds even though the Model Portfolio Strategy may utilize security recommendations from the same investment team using similar investment strategies and /or techniques. In addition, and separate from the above Model Portfolio Strategies, HFMC constructs model portfolios (“Hartford Funds Model Portfolios”) based upon the discussions and feedback from its Asset Allocation Committee (“Committee”). Unlike the Model Portfolio Strategies that invest directly in equity securities, Hartford Funds Model Portfolios include only mutual funds and exchange traded funds. The Committee is comprised of members of HFMC’s Multi-Asset Solutions Team and members of HFMC’s Investment Advisory Group’s Manager Research Team, along with members from two non-affiliated investment advisers, Wellington Management Company LLP (“Wellington Management”) and Schroders Investment North America, Inc. (“Schroders”). The Hartford Funds Multi-Asset Solutions Team leverages the in-depth research of Wellington and Schroders, and the collaborative Committee process, to construct the Hartford Funds Model Portfolios that include Hartford mutual funds and exchange traded funds as well as unaffiliated mutual funds and exchange traded funds. The Hartford Funds Model Portfolios are not publicly available and are intended and available for Program Sponsors as described above. HFMC has entered into a sub-advisory agreement for which Mellon Investments Corporation provides services to certain of HFMC’s proprietary accounts which track an affiliated index. As of December 31, 2022, HFMC managed $120.7 billion on a discretionary basis and $1.5 billion on a non-discretionary basis. HFMC had approximately $150 million in assets under advisement.