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Adviser Profile

As of Date:


Adviser Type:

- Large advisory firm

Number of Employees:

105 -0.94%

of those in investment advisory functions:

38 -2.56%


SEC, Approved, 4/1/1988


24,901,888,467 -13.14%

of that, discretionary:

24,138,686,933 -12.73%



Private Funds:


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Contact info

Phone: 703 xxxxxxx

Fax: 703 xxxxxxx

Client Types:

- High net worth individuals
- Pooled investment vehicles
- Pension and profit sharing plans
- Charitable organizations
- Sovereign wealth funds and foreign official institutions
- Corporations or other businesses not listed above

Advisory Activities:

- Portfolio management for individuals and/or small businesses
- Portfolio management for pooled investment vehicles
- Portfolio management for businesses
- Pension consulting services
- Selection of other advisers

Compensation Arrangments:

- A percentage of assets under your management
- Fixed fees (other than subscription fees)
- Performance-based fees

Reported AUM

28B 24B 20B 16B 12B 8B 4B
2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023

Private Funds Structure

Fund Type Count GAV
Hedge Fund 4 $3,632,346,127
Private Equity Fund 7 $650,871,182
Real Estate Fund 1 $
Other Private Fund 6 $2,524,591,484

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Private Funds


Top Holdings

Stock Ticker Stock Name $ Position % Position $ Change # Change
46434G764 iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ex-China Index $17,179,825 21.00% 0.00% 11.00%
46428R107 ISHARES S&P GSCI COMMODITY I $17,152,274 21.00% -5.00% -11.00%
78463V107 SPDR GOLD TRUST $13,624,318 17.00% 6.00% 4.00%
46434G103 MSCI Emerging Markets ETF (iShares Core) $8,957,401 11.00% -10.00% -2.00%
46432F842 MSCI EAFE ETF (iShares Core) $5,517,000 7.00% -11.00% 0.00%
464287655 ISHARES RUSSELL 2000 $5,868,757 7.00% -18.00% -1.00%
464287689 ISHARES RUSSELL 3000 INDEX $3,843,504 5.00% -59.00% -54.00%
78462F103 SPDR S&P 500 ETF TRUST $4,258,751 5.00% -25.00% -17.00%
92189F106 VANECK VECTORS GOLD MINERS E $3,867,832 5.00% 11.00% 19.00%
46432F388 ISHARES EDGE MSCI USA VALUE $1,222,209 1.00% -13.00% -3.00%

Brochure Summary


Firm Description and Types of Advisory Services Strategic generally offers discretionary investment management and planning services to both U.S. and non-U.S. individual and institutional investors, including employee pension and benefit plans, foundations, endowments, government entities, pooled investment vehicles and family and general corporate funds. Strategic actively manages broadly diversified global portfolios as well as individual asset classes or groups of asset classes. Strategic generally has discretionary authority over its clients’ portfolios. As of December 31, 2018, Strategic had total regulatory assets under management of $38,439,437,283, of which $23,151,913,031 was managed on a discretionary basis and $15,287,524,252 was managed on a non-discretionary basis. Strategic collaborates with each client when determining appropriate risk and return objectives, developing an appropriate investment policy, and generally assuming discretionary responsibility for day-to-day management and investment of the client’s account. Specifically, Strategic’s comprehensive discretionary management services may include:
• Investment policy review/asset allocation study, as needed, for separately-managed portfolios.
• Comprehensive discretionary active management of the assets, including the following. o Asset allocation o Asset class structuring (i.e., within each asset class, where there are key decisions to be made, such as large cap vs. small cap, developed vs. emerging markets, etc.) o Manager sourcing, due diligence, selection, contract negotiation and execution, monitoring and transition o Oversight of the implementation of investment decisions o Comprehensive risk management and risk budgeting o Selection and oversight of alternatives strategies o Implementing strategies such as portable alpha o In-house asset management for efficient passive exposure
• Broad back office services, including coordination with providers
as necessary (e.g., custodian, managers), and audit and tax support
• Education for investment committee members
• Dedicated relationship management and comprehensive reporting As part of its management of client accounts, Strategic may, in accordance with its investment advisory agreements with its clients, retain the services of sub-adviser(s) to manage certain sectors of client portfolios. Sub-advisers are selected and terminated on the basis of Strategic’s assessment of their ability to provide value added net of management fees and other costs, over and above explicit absolute and/or relative yardsticks on an absolute and risk-adjusted basis. Any such sub-advisers are either registered under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 (“Advisers Act”) or exempt from registration. Strategic may enter into a separate investment advisory agreement on behalf of a client with each sub-adviser or may invest client assets in investment funds managed by Strategic or third parties. Sub-advisers and investment funds selected by Strategic may include affiliates of Strategic and specialized proprietary strategies managed by Strategic. Strategic Private Equity Management III, LLC, Strategic Private Equity Management IV, LLC and Strategic Private Equity Management (GP), L.P. (together the “General Partners”) are special purpose entities formed by Strategic for the purpose of acting as general partners of certain private funds for which Strategic is the investment adviser. Principal Owners Strategic was founded in 1987 and is a privately-held limited liability company. Its principal interest holders are (i) Northill US Holdings II Inc., part of the Northill Capital Group (“Northill”), and (ii) certain employees of Strategic. Northill acquired its interest in Strategic in February 2019 from FFL Partners, LLC, which previously held their ownership interest of Strategic through the limited liability company, FFL CP III/SIM Holdings, LLC.