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Adviser Type:

- Large advisory firm

Number of Employees:

2,932 3.86%

of those in investment advisory functions:

1,132 5.79%


SEC, Approved, 1/5/2010


397,045,307,119 17.10%

of that, discretionary:

397,045,307,119 17.10%


452,145,890,908 15.57%

Avg Account Size:

15,270,973,351 17.10%



Private Funds:


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312 xxxxxxx

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Reported AUM

339B 291B 242B 194B 145B 97B 48B
2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023

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Private Funds Structure

Fund Type Count GAV
Hedge Fund 25 $452,145,890,908

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Private Funds


Top Holdings

Stock Ticker Stock Name $ Position % Position $ Change # Change
78462F103 SPDR S&P 500 ETF TR (PUT) $46,158,257,189 9.00% 0.00% -10.00%
78462F103 SPDR S&P 500 ETF TR (CALL) $27,915,716,796 6.00% 35.00% 21.00%
46090E103 INVESCO QQQ TR (PUT) $16,359,095,440 3.00% -2.00% -14.00%
67066G104 NVIDIA CORPORATION (PUT) $9,187,321,440 2.00% -3.00% -15.00%
67066G104 NVIDIA CORPORATION (CALL) $7,618,662,568 2.00% -14.00% -24.00%
46090E103 INVESCO QQQ TR (CALL) $10,401,275,624 2.00% -29.00% -38.00%
88160R101 TESLA INC (CALL) $11,548,431,024 2.00% -2.00% -1.00%
464287655 ISHARES TR (PUT) $8,077,212,672 2.00% 20.00% 6.00%
88160R101 TESLA INC (PUT) $7,818,472,896 2.00% 5.00% 6.00%
594918104 MICROSOFT CORP (PUT) $6,382,639,732 1.00% 31.00% 10.00%

Brochure Summary


Citadel Advisors LLC (“Citadel Advisors”) is a Delaware limited liability company and has its principal place of business in Miami, Florida. Citadel Advisors and its predecessors have been in the investment advisory business since 1990. Citadel Advisors manages private investment funds offered exclusively to sophisticated investors, in certain cases with assistance from its affiliates Citadel Advisors Europe Limited (“Citadel Europe”), Citadel Asia Limited (“Citadel Asia”), Citadel France SAS (“Citadel France”), and Citadel Advisors Singapore Pte. Limited (“Citadel Singapore” and, together with Citadel Advisors, Citadel Europe, Citadel Asia, and Citadel France, the “Advisers”). The Advisers are affiliated advisers organized as separate legal entities conducting a single advisory business. As such, the Advisers are permitted to satisfy their obligation to register with the SEC through filing of a single Form ADV by Citadel Advisors, with Citadel Europe, Citadel Asia, Citadel France, and Citadel Singapore as relying advisers. The private investment funds managed by the Advisers generally invest their assets directly or indirectly in other private investment funds (referred to as the “sub-funds”), which are also managed by the Advisers and through which the Advisers pursue their investment strategies. In this Brochure, each of the private investment funds managed by the Advisers, and the sub-funds in which they invest, are generally referred to as a “Fund,” and are generally referred to collectively as the “Funds.” As of December 31, 2022, the Advisers had approximately $51,573,787,000 of assets under management, all of which was managed on a discretionary basis. Citadel Advisors is wholly owned by Citadel Advisors Holdings LP. Citadel Europe is wholly owned by Citadel Americas LLC. Citadel Asia, Citadel France
and Citadel Singapore are each wholly owned by Citadel Hedge Fund Holdings II LP. The Advisers are indirectly controlled by Citadel GP LLC or its related persons and use the investment personnel, infrastructure and support provided by Citadel Americas LLC and Citadel Americas Services LLC and their affiliates. Citadel GP LLC and Citadel Americas LLC and Citadel Americas Services LLC are controlled by Kenneth Griffin, their Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Chief Investment Officer. The Advisers are members of a group of affiliated entities that together comprise a leading global financial institution with a diverse business platform (collectively, “Citadel Group”), which includes two separate and distinct units: (i) a global investment firm (“Citadel”) and (ii) a global market maker (“Citadel Securities”). The Advisers have discretion with respect to investment decisions they make for the Funds, and also with respect to the selection of brokers, dealers and other counterparties for such transactions, and the amount of commissions or other compensation to be paid by the Funds. The Advisers provide investment advisory services to the Funds based on the particular investment objectives and strategies described in the applicable Fund’s Offering Documents (defined below). All discussions of the Funds in this Brochure, including but not limited to their investments, the investment strategies used in managing the Funds, the fees and other costs associated with an investment in the Funds, and conflicts of interest faced by the Advisers in connection with their management of the Funds, are qualified in their entirety by reference to each Fund’s respective confidential offering memorandum (if any) and governing documents (referred to collectively as the “Offering Documents”).