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Adviser Profile

As of Date:


Adviser Type:

- Large advisory firm

Number of Employees:

112 5.66%

of those in investment advisory functions:

83 5.06%


SEC, Approved, 4/22/2002


18,211,070,000 -0.36%

of that, discretionary:

18,211,070,000 -0.36%

Private Fund GAV:

15,389,687,000 0.25%

Avg Account Size:

587,453,871 6.06%



Private Funds:

22 2

Contact Info

212 xxxxxxx

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Advisory Activities:


Compensation Arrangments:


Reported AUM

21B 18B 15B 12B 9B 6B 3B
2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023

Recent News

OrbiMed Advisors LLC Reduces Stake in Kinnate Biopharma Inc

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Orbimed Advisors LLC Bolsters Portfolio with Alpine Immune Sciences Inc Stake

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OrbiMed Advisors LLC Reduces Stake in Galecto Inc

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Private Funds Structure

Fund Type Count GAV
Hedge Fund 6 $1,664,676,000
Private Equity Fund 3 $3,088,662,000
Other Private Fund 13 $10,636,349,000

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Private Funds


Top Holdings

Stock Ticker Stock Name $ Position % Position $ Change # Change
P8696W104 SINOVAC BIOTECH LTD $340,000,000 6.00% 0.00% 0.00%
28036F105 EDGEWISE THERAPEUTICS INC $273,996,191 5.00% 72.00% 3.00%
532457108 ELI LILLY & CO $280,687,968 5.00% 32.00% -1.00%
46120E602 INTUITIVE SURGICAL INC $196,791,279 4.00% 17.00% -1.00%
09062X103 BIOGEN INC $194,261,067 4.00% -9.00% 9.00%
101137107 BOSTON SCIENTIFIC CORP $224,167,770 4.00% 17.00% -1.00%
29337E102 ENLIVEN THERAPEUTICS INC $158,280,765 3.00% 27.00% 0.00%
47103J105 JANUX THERAPEUTICS INC $160,974,570 3.00% 352.00% 29.00%
58933Y105 MERCK & CO INC $173,646,200 3.00% 51.00% 25.00%
492327101 KEROS THERAPEUTICS INC $83,990,191 2.00% 66.00% 0.00%

Brochure Summary


OrbiMed is an investment manager focused exclusively on the healthcare sector. OrbiMed’s predecessor was founded in 1989, and OrbiMed is owned by Sven H. Borho, Carl L. Gordon, W. Carter Neild, Geoffrey C. Hsu, C. Scotland Stevens, David P. Bonita, Matthew S. Rizzo, and Peter A. Thompson. As of December 31, 2022, OrbiMed managed approximately $11.8 billion on a discretionary basis on behalf of 33 clients. This Brochure generally includes information about us and our relationships with our clients. While much of this Brochure applies to all such clients, certain information included herein applies to specific clients only. OrbiMed provides discretionary investment management services to U.S. and non-U.S. public and private funds. In providing such services, OrbiMed utilizes strategies based on evaluating pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, healthcare services and other companies in the global healthcare sector. Such strategies generally include, within the healthcare sector and subject to the investment program of each client, investments in the securities of U.S. and non-U.S. public and/or private companies. The descriptions set forth in this Brochure of specific advisory services that we offer to our clients, and investment strategies
pursued and investments made by us on behalf of our clients, should not be understood to limit in any way our investment activities. We may offer any advisory services, engage in any investment strategy and make any investment, including any not described in this Brochure, that we consider appropriate, subject to each client’s investment objectives and guidelines. The investment strategies we pursue are speculative and entail substantial risks. Clients should be prepared to bear a substantial loss of capital. There can be no assurance that the investment objectives of any client will be achieved. Our investment decisions and advice with respect to each client will be subject to each client’s investment objective and guidelines, as set forth in its respective offering documents. Clients are permitted to set guidelines for their accounts which customize OrbiMed’s core strategies, including restrictions related to sub-sector, geographic and other weightings. In providing its investment advisory services, OrbiMed determines when and which investments will be acquired, disposed of, or exchanged on behalf of its clients to maintain a portfolio consistent with each client’s objectives. OrbiMed does not currently participate in any Wrap Fee Programs.