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Adviser Profile

As of Date:


Adviser Type:

- Large advisory firm

Number of Employees:

2,311 25.19%

of those in investment advisory functions:

1,085 18.71%


SEC, Approved, 3/14/2016


139,912,052,624 1.05%

of that, discretionary:

139,912,052,624 1.05%

Avg Account Size:

7,772,891,812 6.66%



Private Funds:

16 1

Websites :
Contact info

Phone: 203 xxxxxxx

Fax: 203 xxxxxxx

Client Types:

- Pooled investment vehicles

Advisory Activities:

- Portfolio management for pooled investment vehicles

Compensation Arrangments:

- A percentage of assets under your management
- Performance-based fees

Reported AUM

140B 120B 100B 80B 60B 40B 20B
2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023

Recent News

Steve Cohen predicts a short ‘fake scare’ recession followed by stock market rebound

Steve Cohen, of Point72 Asset Management, was quoted saying that the US economy may fall into a short-lived recession this year before rebounding in the first quarter of next year, according to a report by Bloomberg.

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Steve Cohen is an American billionaire businessman and the founder of Point72 Asset Management, a billion-dollar hedge fund management company.


Point72 looking to add crypto quants in Paris

Point72 Asset Management, the hedge fund firm found by Steve Cohen with over $27bn in assets under management, is continuing to expand both its cryptocurrency and quant teams based in Paris, according to a report by eFinancial Careers.

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15 Stocks Dumb Money’s Steve Cohen Is Betting On Now

Billionaire Steve Cohen, a prominent figure and founder of the Point72 Asset Management, has accumulated an estimated fortune of nearly $20 billion through a high-risk/high-reward strategy. Despite negative market trends in 2022, Point72 Asset Management produced a net gain of 10.3%, netting Steve Cohen $1.7 billion in gains. Cohen is also featured in the biographical […]

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Private Funds Structure

Fund Type Count GAV
Hedge Fund 11 $165,165,563,911
Private Equity Fund 4 $2,163,250,274
Real Estate Fund 1 $27,509,449

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Private Funds


Top Holdings

Stock Ticker Stock Name $ Position % Position $ Change # Change
78462F103 SPDR S&P 500 ETF TR (PUT) $3,440,769,090 8.00% 245.00% 211.00%
78462F103 SPDR S&P 500 ETF TR (CALL) $786,638,050 2.00% 87.00% 68.00%
023135106 AMAZON COM INC $709,738,785 2.00% 33.00% 11.00%
101137107 BOSTON SCIENTIFIC CORP $272,333,949 1.00% -20.00% -27.00%
24703L202 DELL TECHNOLOGIES INC $309,457,800 1.00% 33.00% 20.00%
31428X106 FEDEX CORP $263,866,936 1.00% 54.00% 61.00%
438516106 HONEYWELL INTL INC $232,826,753 1.00% 148.00% 119.00%
G51502105 JOHNSON CTLS INTL PLC $243,943,489 1.00% 225.00% 200.00%
68389X105 ORACLE CORP $229,682,734 1.00%
78462F103 SPDR S&P 500 ETF TR $268,033,963 1.00% 6170.00% 5539.00%

Brochure Summary


On January 1, 2018, Point72 Asset Management, L.P. (“Point72 Asset Management”), formerly Stamford Harbor Capital, L.P., assumed investment management authority over a number of investment funds and other investment vehicles that were previously managed by a family office that was not required to register as an investment adviser with the SEC. Point72 Asset Management, together with its affiliates that rely on Point72 Asset Management’s Form ADV to file a single registration (each, a “Relying Adviser,” and collectively with Point72 Asset Management, “Point72”), manage the assets and investments of a number of investment funds and other investment vehicles (the “Point72 Funds”). Point72 Asset Management is a Delaware limited partnership, of which Steven A. Cohen owns more than 25% through intermediate entities. Point72 is a global asset management firm with offices in the United States and affiliated companies in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia. Point72 is a research-driven investment management firm built around a core position in discretionary long/short equities, as well as systematic, global macro and other strategies. The Point72 Funds include U.S. and non-U.S. investment limited partnerships, companies, limited liability companies and other vehicles that are not registered or required to be registered under the U.S. Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended (the “Investment Company Act”). The Point72 Funds generally invest through a modified “master- feeder” structure in which a Point72 Fund serving as a “feeder fund” (each, a “Point72 Feeder”) pursues its investment objective by investing its assets directly or indirectly through various other Point72 Funds serving as “master funds” (the “Subsidiary Funds”). The securities of the Point72 Funds will not be registered or required to be registered under the U.S. Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “Securities Act”), and will be privately placed to qualified investors in the United States and elsewhere. The terms upon which Point72 serves as investment
manager of the Point72 Funds are set out in separate investment management agreements, limited partnership agreements, private placement memoranda and/or the governing documents (collectively, the “Governing Documents”) for each Point72 Fund. Terms may be changed over time by Point72 or a Point72 Fund’s general partner or managing member, as applicable (a “General Partner”) or board of directors or managers, as applicable (a “Board”), as the case may be. Point72 provides similar services to all Point72 Funds. The terms of the Governing Documents will vary from Point72 Fund to Point72 Fund. An investment management agreement generally will remain in effect for an initial one-year term and automatically will be extended for successive one-year terms thereafter. An investment management agreement generally may be terminated by any party to the agreement upon not less than 90 calendar days’ written notice before the end of any fiscal year. The Point72 Funds can generally be described as hedge funds that offer periodic liquidity to investors. In March of 2021, Point72 launched a private equity fund that does not offer periodic liquidity to investors (together with any feeder funds and parallel vehicles, the “Point72 Hyperscale Fund”). While this brochure contains certain information related to the Point72 Hyperscale Fund, the general descriptions applicable to Point72 Funds in this Brochure may not be applicable to the Point72 Hyperscale Fund. The investment strategies, risks and types of securities invested in by the Point72 Hyperscale Fund, as well as the fees, performance compensation and expenses incurred by the Point72 Hyperscale Fund, vary substantially from those of the other Point72 Funds described herein. More information about the Point72 Hyperscale Fund can be found in its Governing Documents. As of December 31, 2022, Point72 managed approximately $139,912,100,000 of regulatory assets under management, which amount is based on unaudited information. All of these assets are managed on a discretionary basis.